Deacon Blue: This Is A Love Song

The stresses of connection

We were commissioned by Scottish legends Deacon Blue to create a video for their catchy new track “This Is A Love Song”.

It's not a piece about those grand romantic gestures but instead holding a relationship together though our busy daily lives.

The shoot was a little different to normal in that we wanted room in the frame for the “illustrated/thought cloud elements”, which kind of goes against the normal framing instinct and we were constantly fighting the compulsion to re-frame!
Shot in one hot day in Leith (yup, there are hot days up North).

Prick a short film about type 1 diabetic

Prick a short film


Prick is a short film about a type 1 diabetic… but don’t let that put you off.

It’s not a tragic kitchen sink drama, just a personal film based loosely on our experiences living with the condition- diabetes is something Industrious Dark deals with every day. We’ve seen it misrepresented a lot in films and wanted to show it in an honest way, looking at the highs and lows of daily life and the effect it can have on your mindset.

Sounds like heavy stuff but it’s not too bleak, we promise - and its got a title that's short and to the point! (see, not too heavy)

Funded by Northern Ireland Screen and shot in Holywood (Belfast) with a very talented cast and crew, it will be hitting the festival circuit late 2016.

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the last battle

None of That: The Last Battle

This song will say goodbye....

Us guys are sometimes pretty bad at showing our emotions, but that doesn't mean we don't feel them.
We wanted a simple idea that echoed the simplicity and emotion of the track itself.
With a little bit of positivity and humour at the end.
Starring Scott and Caroline from the band, the early Sunday morning shoot, served only to enhance their great performances.

Watch out for the creepy wooden bunny on the mantelpiece - He watches you wherever you are.

We don't use fakes here - the pizza was indeed real, as was the toastie.
It was a margarita if you were wondering.

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Some more work.....




The final part in what has become our "Beam-me-up" trilogy for VerseChorusVerse alongside Nothing Is Easy and No More Years.
The brief? Create a video for the most haunting and epic track on his debut album. A daunting challenge which resulted in this Sci-fi Film Noir mashup


one way chemistry - the surge

The Surge


The song was inspired by the book The Rider on the White Horse by Theodor Storm so its only fitting that we trekked out to Gullane Beach with OWC and enticed band member Sandy into the sea.
Yep it was the middle of December and yep he went fully underwater- anything in the name of art. The result was a trippy, hypnotic video to compliment this fantastically unique track. Psychedelic rock at it's best.


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