Industrious Dark ticket illustration

We have created promos, music videos, digital ads and films for clients all over the world. 

With backgrounds in filmmaking, illustration, interactive design and music we are interested in blurring the line between mediums to build more engaging stories and experiences.

Our core team is: 


A calm presence during production, a keen arguer in ideation and a titanic force in the editing room. Her main roles are as producer and editor. 

A longstanding passion for illustration has also seen her pen skills utilised in some of Industrious Dark's motion graphic pieces and separate publications and covers.



Always striving to find the most unique and befitting ideas. Fuelled by a love of experimentation with new technologies and tools brought about from a background in interactive media.

Otherwise, he can be found camera in hand or wrestling with motion graphics.


Mindfulness consultant. Logan's thesis was entitled - "Increasing the effectiveness of human and canine eye contact relationships". The core theme of this study is that rewards based eye contact consistently creates a higher release of oxytocin in the human than a non-rewarded session. In laymans terms - "gimme a biscuit, we both win."

Labrador retriever selfie