We are storytellers

We started out with camera in hand, shooting, cutting and over the years our raw materials have evolved (using graphics, illustration, animation, type). But story and ideas remain at our core.

Here are some stories we have told:

Deacon Blue

We all have it- the private inner monologue that can sometimes overpower your daily world. This is a love story about feeling disconnected to your partner in a connected world and translates these musings into graphical thought clouds.

Writing, direction and post-production carried out entirely in-house by Industrious Dark.


A film about coming to terms with diabetes- a complicated subject often misrepresented in films. We used graphic sections to illustrate the barrage of numbers that are crucial to the condition, along with strong sound design and emotive musical textures to heighten the character's states.

Written, filmed and edited by Industrious Dark and funded by Northern Ireland Screen.

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Whoah. That was heavy...

How about some more lighthearted tales? 

Crazy sea demons, a demonic plectrum tree or maybe a breakup involving a dustbuster?

The End.

(Told you we were storytellers)