Ash were huge back when we were kids so we were thrilled to be commissioned for a number of video projects to promote the release of their 2020 greatest hits album Teenage Wildlife. 

Tasked with revitalising their original music videos with newly-remastered tracks, we faced a delicate process of reworking assets for a new narrative while honouring the original vision.

In total, we created five music videos and digital adverts to promote the album and upcoming tour.


Building on the tone of the song and our own nostalgia, we shot a narrative which looks back on elements of childhood and the memories attached to them. Looking back and reminiscing.

Kung Fu

Scott Pilgrim inspired tweaks to the original energetic Kung-fu film love-in, we combined elements of the original video with additional filming and graphics. 

We also discovered that we were singing the wrong words back in the day and were inspired to add a karaoke element for all to look back on and sing along!

Girl From Mars

Ah, probably their most iconic track. A lot has changed since 1995, with Mars and space travel all over the news so we worked with the ESA, incorporating footage associated with their upcoming Mars mission and added a new narrative from mission control as they receive a video transmission from a certain band…