Digital Adverts

Portrait, square, 16:9, 4:5, 1:1 , 12s, 15s, 30s... requirements on social platforms change almost daily. 

We've created ads for musicians, bands, beauty treatments amongst other products and services. The sheer variety of formats, durations and channels is an ever-evolving challenge and a great opportunity to explore micro-narratives with impactful imagery and effective messaging. 

Lafassia Skincare series

One small bottle. A skincare transformation. We shot some footage, they shot some footage. 4000 miles the difference. A range of product demo, testimonials, intros all interspersed with branded type work. 

Raised By Bears & Partisan Records

Watch a highlight reel here for Partisan Records in collaboration with Raised By Bears.

Cat Game

Multiple variations, formats and platforms. A mobile game about collecting cats - lots of cats. See more here