A selection of work utilising some of our Post-Production services

The Drop

A hybrid video for an Indiegogo campaign

No one rocks a sub 1ghz communicator better!!

The Drop wireless conenctivity technology
The Drop utilised our skills from writing to completion.

The Drop - Indiegogo fundraising video

The brief was to assemble a video selling the product he was offering (at that time unnamed) as well as demonstrate the potential of the technology itself.

He didn't have a working prototype, he had a technology :

A Long-range sub-1ghz communicator for peer-to-peer or mesh communications without carrier infrastructure.

Yup, you read that right.
We initially received a very technical document that required numerous read-throughs to comprehend.

Working closely with the client, we broke this down into simpler, easier-to-grasp elements.

The Drop wireless connectivity technology

Assembling the video

From there we worked out a storyboard and voiceover script, along with additional media elements the client wanted.

We used motion graphics as the basis of the video to explain the uniqueness and versatility of the technology, keeping the style colourful and accessible.

With time being a critical factor and there being only one (non-functional) prototype, the client shot some video footage which was integrated into the final video along with an insert or two from us, some stock clips. Music and voiceover were the final touches.

The Drop wireless conenctivity technology
The graphics were simplified and colourful to enhance clarity

The Result

A simple, easy-to-follow video explaining the product and its uniqueness, that easily surpassed it's fund-raising target.

Services by Industrious Dark :

Writing & Storyboarding
Graphics, animation & assembly
Voiceover recording and sound work

Meininger Hotel

Social Videos for European Hotel Chain

We assembled, based on the client's script and using filmed customer review videos. We reframed, adding text and transitions to unify the elements and videos.

The end product - a series of videos honestly reviewing their accomodation.

Services by Industrious Dark :

Edit, Assembly & Titles

Meininger Graphics

Industrious Dark graphic reel

Graphics / Titles

Sample reel of some graphics and titles

A short highlight reel of some graphics and titles that we have used in our work.

They say an image is worth a 100 words, but what about moving graphics?


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