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A selection of various ads for Social content, utilising video, images, animations and more.

IDLES - Monochromatic punk islands !

Album promotion from Partisan records

Channels: Facebook, Instagram

Social ads to showcase the band’s blistering album and fantastic critical response

Using footage and music from their video - Danny Nedlko, we contrasted its frantic pace with static press quotes making sure that 15 seconds zips by and you know the quality of this great band.

Delivered screen dimensions : 9:16,1:1,16:9

Idles facebook social ads dimensions

IHG Instagram Ads
Idles facebook instagram  Ads
Idles facebook instagram  Ads

Dilly Dally

Social ads to promote their newly released album

Channels: Facebook, Instagram

Heaven is doomed.....

Working with footage from their video for Doom, we gave a feeling of the video intercut with the accolades of their forthcoming album.

Delivered screen dimensions :

Idles facebook social ads dimensions


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