cat game characters

Their assets* + our ideas = cat craziness

*we did create and source our own assets too. 

Some of our favourites, from Mexican stand-offs to vikings. Make sure you have the volume on as we are particularly proud of our music choices and sound work. 

Cat Game is a game about collecting cats from the creators of the hit game Mino Monsters.

These 900+ cats have some unique characters allowing for an endless number of creative possibilities.

We worked closely with the marketing team at Mino Games to create numerous social ads for multiple platforms.

These ads were based on our original ideas as well as utilising insights gained from how certain ads, trends and themes were performing. 

Some unique ideas, crazy ads and a great amount of fun was the product of this relationship, resulting in strong growth of the user-install base and our work being seen over 17 million times worldwide.

It was a great opportunity to tell stories without a frame of shot footage. 

All ads were delivered in landscape, portrait and square formats.

Interactive versions were also tried. 

cat game dance

No cats were harmed in the making of these ads.