This is a love song

Deacon Blue - This is a Love Song

Connections in the connected world.

Deaon Blue(yes of Dignity fame) with a catchy track.We wanted to get across that inner monologue that can sometimes overpower your daily world.

Official Selection for the Cork Film Festival

the last battle- none of that

None of that - the Last Battle

Men and their emotions, or lack thereof. Starring Scott and Caroline from the band, going through a bad time. Keeping it simple, centred around their strong performances, letting the emotion of the tune do the work.

Brandon Marchant- Quickly

Brandon Marchant - Quickly

A song about needing help NOW.

There is a girl, a guy and some weird stuff going on. You want to know more, you know what to do.


Three -VersechorusVerse

The final part in what has become our "Beam-me-up" trilogy for VerseChorusVerse alongside Nothing Is Easy and No More Years The brief? Create a video for the most haunting and epic track on his debut album. A daunting challenge which resulted in this Sci-fi Film Noir mashup

One way Chemistry- the surge

The Surge - One Way Chemistry

The song was inspired by the book The Rider on the White Horse by Theodor Storm so its only fitting that we trekked out to Gullane Beach with OWC and enticed band member Sandy into the sea. Yep it was the middle of December and yep he went fully underwater- anything in the name of art. The result was a trippy, hypnotic video to compliment this fantastically unique track. Psychedelic rock at it's best.

No More years

No More Years - VersechorusVerse

The first single from his debut album. A video about his emergence as a solo artist, learning to survive amidst the pressures of a world that.....well it's just a bit of fun. Filmed in Redburn Country park overlooking Belfast on a very crisp December morning. We ran about the hills, scaring dog walkers, intriguing their dogs and capturing the energetic acting talents of Mr Tony Wright. Be warned, there is some whittling in this video

Nothing is easy

Nothing is Easy - VersechorusVerse

A simple twist on the breakup tale. Star-crossed lovers destined to be kept apart or simply man dumped by his girl for another fella? You decide. A little weird, a bit tragic, all sprinkled with some black comedy.

Cruiser- it's all good baby

It's all good baby -Cruiser

The age-old question: There's a girl in a bar. How do you approach her? Some tips on how to pull. Success not guaranteed. Starring Jade Miller and Mark (the dancing king) Paul Wake.


Prick Film


Funded with assistance from Northern Ireland Screen.

A diabetic seeks to regain the confidence that he's lost in his body after his diagnosis.

A short film based on some of our experiences living with type 1 diabetes and starring the fantastic Declan Rodgers and Dearbhail Carr.

Official Selection 2017 Belfast Film Festival

Belfast Film Festival Rosette Find out more info here...

the Burnell Beast

The Burnell Beast

The premise is simple : A man returns home from his holidays to find that he has grabbed the wrong bag from the luggage belt.

A short film and the basis of a small experiment into expanding the narrative...

Selected for the Frontale Film Festival.

catch the beast here


Some events we have covered



Las Theatre

ZOMBIES !!!! In an educational way.
An immersive theatre event in which a zombie outbreak has ravaged edinburgh. Industrious Dark were written into the narrative as a news crew, filming the entire event and behind-the-scenes footage for a promotional documentary.


Tony Wright


For an upcoming pledge campaign, we captured the band rehearsing at Graham House Studios, Belfast.

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